Inventing the Humanities

Monday, May 08, 2006

Final Project

Inventing the Humanities

For my final project, my proposal is to write an institutional biography based upon the two cultures in which I attended school, and the effect they both had upon my education, and on my teaching. In class last week, we discussed student-teacher relationships in terms of the distance students are removed from teachers. As I intend to explore in my institutional autobiography, some of it may be the result of the different cultural worlds the teachers and students live in, and the level of respect society has for teachers in general.


At 5:33 AM, Blogger Jason Tougaw said...

This is a really interesting and nicely focused topic. For the next step, I think you need to develop a framework for examining these two cultures, so you don't lapse into generalizations about them. Might you be able to use Nafisi and Rodriguez for framing a discussion of education in various cultural settings? Both these texts tell stories of clashing cultures. Is your story about culture clash? Or is the relationship between the two cultures of a different kind?


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